Julana was born to noble parents in the province of Summerhold, along with her brother, Rohan. Due to her strange white hair and green eyes, she was more of a slave to her mother, Rinriel, than a daughter. Abused even at an early age, she grew tough and cold towards people, sometimes even her own friends. When she was 14, she was locked in a closet with other slave girls during a marriage to a traveling knight, Brasten, and his legion of soldiers. Rohan opened the closet for wine, but Racrow, one of Brasten's knights, and close friends, noticed the slaves in their chains. Rushing to tell his captain, the minstrel killed Racrow with a lute. Julana escaped the house in the turmoil that ensued, murdering her mother and brother on the way out. She ran from the burning ruins of her home and into the deserts of Summerhold, and eventually became lost in the sand.

She was apparently found by Theseus Goldarrow and Hollythorn somewhere in the desert, and joined them as the third member of their band of misfits.

Meeting Typhus Winterleaf