Easter eggs are jokes placed in-game by the developers meant to make people laugh, if they understand the reference. Some are more hidden than others, while some are in plain sight.



- If the player chooses to promise glory to the Resistance of Nierma in the Snowy Tree Inn, Typhus Winterleaf will say 'Fortune and glory! Fortune. And glory.' This quote is from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.[1]

- If Typhus speaks to Theseus Goldarrow about Dasleof, he will dub Typhus a 'kingslayer.' This is a nod to [2]. One of the characters, Jaime Lannister, is named the Kingslayer because of his murder of King Aerys.


- While staying in Hoarfrost, the player can speak to one of the singers at the banquet. If asked what she is singing about, she will reply with 'A song of snow and flame.' This is a reference to the books series A Song of Ice and Fire. [3]

Other Video Games

- After escaping the Bandit's Hideout, Julana will say that she feels as if she could 'touch the sky's rim.' This is an obvious tribute to the popular Bethesda video game, Skyrim. [4]

- If the player chooses to examine the skinned corpses in the Crimson Garden, Typhus will whisper 'It's a corpse party in here...' This is a joke to the RPG Maker horror game, Corpse Party. [5]

- Another reference to a popular horror game, in the Steeple of Falsity, one of the soldiers will say that they must 'Outlast the ghosts that whisper in insanity.' Outlast is a horror game developed by Red Barrels studios, involving the paranormal activity in an insane asylum. [6]

Societal References


- Anutheis is a member of the Home Guard in Vlindrealm, an Elven city surrounded by forests. It sits on a hill where the 'clouds can almost kiss your skin.' Anu is the God of the Sky in Sumerian religion. [7]